El Llamado de la Montaña

I just got back from El Llamado de la Montaña a few weeks ago, feeling profoundly touched by what I learned from our local Misak hosts, who are one of the best organized indigenous groups in Colombia, who are keeping their traditions very alive.

El Llamado de la Montaña is a gathering that was convened for the first time in 2006 by the Colombian Ecovillage Network (RENACE) and today is called by CASA Colombia (Council of Sustainable Settlements of the Americas). El Llamado de la Montaña gathers hundreds of people between ecovillagers, professionals, representatives and members of social movements, peasant communities and indigenous groups, as well as scientists, philosophers, educators, social innovators, entrepreneurs and experts on world view.

These meetings allow participants to experience alternative forms of living and organizing, during 4 – 7 days to prototyping our future society, taking decisions, living together and to meet basic human needs (food, health, entertainment, housing).
This living laboratory takes hard technologies and methodologies, appropriate in different contexts of community housing and combining them with other social technologies like the Vision Council.
See more information here: http://llamadodelamontaña.org