World Nature Quest 2011

Our First World Nature Quest, May 14 -22, 2011 was a great success! More than 35 groups participated in 17 countries on 5 continents. All sharing their appreciation for Nature and Spirit.

Participants have said, “they’ll never be the same!”

THANKS TO ALL 17 Countries for participating this spring!

One of the most challenging changes the world needs now is a shift in consciousness and an opening of the human heart. In our modern society, we are spending less and less time in Nature. Our culture embodies a perspective of separation and an attitude of superiority. The World Nature Quest purpose is to foster a movement that provides opportunities to bring all people around the world into balance and harmony with all of life.

The implementation of this purpose is an annual simultaneous Nature Quest conducted on every continent.

Join one of the many groups simultaneously gathering all around the world, to experience a direct connection with Nature. We are preparing again to go into wild Nature. This will be an experience like none other!

Individuals within these groups will share Earth honoring ceremonial practices, followed by solo/alone time culminating in a world wide affirmation of thankfulness. Celebrations will be offered as expressions of gratitude and appreciation for all of Nature, extended by all the participating groups.

Our intention is to celebrate all life on Earth as we revive and grow the time honored process of going into nature for contemplation and renewal; opening the heart and quieting the mind.

John P. Milton on The Value of Solo Time in Nature

Gathering simultaneously in sacred ceremony creates a powerful opening for a global celebration to consciously cherish and honor Nature, Spirit and our human relationship with the cosmos!

Connect deeply with Nature and Spirit by joining one of the many groups gathering on every continent around the world.