Who Cares – the movie

Eliminating the major problems of humanity


WHO CARES is a feature film of 92 minutes about the rapidly growing movement of Social Entrepreneurship, brilliant people with innovative ideas that are creating thousands of social organizations around the world.  Shot in seven different countries: Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Germany and Switzerland, the film focuses on people who have taken it upon themselves to improve societies that are lacking. Perhaps the biggest contribution from the people profiled in the film is the belief that it is possible to eliminate the major problems of humanity.

The movie has secured distribution from Imovision in Brazil and is currently seeking international distribution. It has become a movement in the social networks there. More than 10,0000 people are talking about “Who Cares?” on Facebook. The film also screened at the 13th Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard earlier this year, as well as The LA Femme Film festival.

According the filmmaker Mara Mourao from Brazil, “Our goal was to disseminate content about this new way of living life, about what we can learn from this amazing group of people who can look at the world’s biggest problems as opportunities and not impossible obstacles. We truly believe that their work can be very inspiring, especially for the youth.  So we have built a strategy to reach people all over the world.”

More at: http://www.whocaresthefilm.com