Nature Quests

In these times of turbulence we need something to keep us on the right course, something to anchor what we really are and where we want to go. The Nature quest, which is inspired from many native peoples vision quests, can do just this for us in these times.

What is at the core of the climate crisis we are facing? It seems it is a sense separation and disconnection from nature, thinking we are not part of the larger ecosystem of nature.

We explore some of the ancient wisdom teachings helping us connect with nature, experience nature first hand and look at how this kind of work can actively influence the way we approach environmental challenges.

Being one on one with nature can help you connect to your own core and strengthen your personal leadership, creativity, intuition and reduce stress. You will get an understanding of the importance of connecting to nature and see the possibilities it creates to take better decisions.

I have facilitated and organized Nature Quests in the Sami country in Sweden, in the Stockholm archipelago, on the vulcanos of Ecuador on Samsø and on the outskirts of Copenhagen.