Prototyping our Future

This week we are launching the guidebook that is based on the Thesis I wrote as part of the Master of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability.

See more and download the guidebook on:

Prototyping Our Future: Social Labs For A Sustainable, Regenerative, & Thriving Future

This guidebook explores how Social Labs can be designed in order to catalyze systemic innovation while contributing to socio-ecological sustainability, and providing forums for collaboration, collective impact, capacity building, and the emergence of systemic solutions to complex challenges. This research takes a pulse of practices and trends in the fields of sustainability, experiential design, and innovation through Social Labs reflecting research and interviews from leading practitioners including Lab designers/facilitators, users of the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD), and people focused on sustainability, systemic change, and transformative action. Learn more at: prototypingourfuture (dot) info