Rethinking Education

I have become increasingly curious about other ways of designing learning spaces and the educational institutions of our society.

I have been engaged in different projects on this journey, among others have been to start up an outdoor playgroup for toddlers in Lancater, North England, planning an Change Lab to rethink leadership education in Århus, Denmark, organising and running a 3 months module for the Kaospilot School in Bogota with focus on cross cultural and cross disciplinary experience, through real world projects.
Further more I have engaged in two groups exploring news ways of desiging educations – one in Bogota and one global forum, called Pasioneers.

Some key words for my inquiry into the field of learning spaces and education are:

How to light the fire of curiousity rather than fill the empty cup with knowledge?

How to work
With the concrete needs of society
Cross culturally

How to learn through play?
How to learn to dare to fail?
How to reestablish a relationship to our role in nature?
How to learn to be natives to where we are?

Some links for inspiration and resources
Exciting educational initiatives (Mindmap)
Collection of articles and videos about education