Summer Academy 2010/11

This was a project where we picked up the thread from our engagement in organising the Survival Academy during COP 15 in Copenhagen, where the focus was to build the personal capacities to meet the challenges of climate change.

In this summer version our theme was how we can get more BODY, HEART and CRE ATIVITY in our work and lives? It was a week long retreat with activities like kayacking, learning journeys, healthy cooking lessons, meditation and relaxing.

Here you can read the invitation for 2010



The question for 2011 was changed a little to make it more potent and real – at the same time this question was really alive in us, the organizers, in our personal lives.

How can I with Body, Heart and Creativity create more sustainable energy in my life and work?
– What needs to be cut away and what needs to be added?

The form had also changed for us to be much less structured and more open and selforganized, which proved to be a big success. It was a space where families, singles and professionals could connect around what was meaningful for them and was supported in activities that would help them connect to how to create more sustainable energy in their lives.

Download the 2011 invitation here