Survival Academy at COP 15

Survival Academy a place where participants and the general public can come to learn human capacities of affecting and coping with the future of climate change. See what Survival Academy is all about.

What happened?

We hosted 35 events and had simultaneous events happening in Berlin, Brazil and contributors such as Meg Wheatley and Otto Scharmer from USA.

This was Survival Academy from Rowan Simonsen


Why Survival Academy

We envision the Survival Academy as a place where people can come to learn about the things that they can do, and the changes that they need to make in themselves and their communities to influence and adapt to climate change. The Survival Academy will work both on very practical capacities related to external action, but also inner capacities that are more emotional, psychological, or spiritual.

It will also work both on individual level and on the collective level. Personal responsibility and things we can do in our home and as individuals is important, but the capacity to organize collectives, organizations, and communities is crucial in order to respond to the climate change situation and create solutions commensurate with the problem.

The approach of the Survival Academy is a holistic approach, and an action-oriented approach. We recognize that to cope with climate change, we have to operate in multiple dimensions and levels. We cannot rely on a purely political or technological or individual solution.

See the full program here