The Art of Hosting

The art of hosting conversations that matters is a practice of stepping forward and hosting those conversations where there is really something at stake, where you are not sure what will come out of the conversation other than there is a good chance it might be deeply meaningful and transforming for the people who are part of the conversation.

The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that matter is a training for all who aspire to learn how to be, work and cocreate with people in more interactive, participative and effective ways. The Art of Hosting is, essentially, an expression of an authentic way of being with others and situations as they emerge – and a practice of creating the conditions for collective intelligence to emerge.

I have organised and hosted trainings in the Art of Hosting since 2008 and have done so in Europe, North and South America.

Here are a few examples of harvests:

Aoh karlskrona (by Tenneson Wolf)

To learn more see the Art of Hosting Website