Way of working

I base my work on a wide range of innovative methods and inspiring tools including:

  • Open Space technology
  • Cafe conversations
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Visual understanding
  • U -theory
  • The Art of Hosting and Harvesting meaningful conversations
  • The way of Nature approach to solos
  • Juggling
  • Non violent communication

Design Principles
When designing processes I work from the following design principles:

  • Clear purpose creates powerful results.
  • Have the end in mind from the beginning.
  • What is meaningful must always be at the center.
  • Meet people where they are.
  • What is the minimal optimal structure – how little structure is enough for life to unfold?
  • Simple solutions for simple problems, complex solutions for complex problems.
  • Make it fun!

Here I have gathered a few of my assumptions that I try to keep in mind when approaching a new task.

  • What we focus on grows.
  • In order to live our highest purpose we need to connect to our source.
  • People are inherently creative, resourceful and whole.
  • People take ownership of what they create.
  • The world and most of its problems are more complex than we can grasp as single individuals.
  • Learning, change and transformation involves a degree of chaos and not knowing.
  • Sustainable solutions emerge through conversation and relationships.
  • Conversation and dialogue opens for collective intelligence, wisdom and action.
  • People who are aware of their calling are more committed and effective.