World nature quest 2012

I will be part of the team continuing the tradition we started this year in 2011 with our First World Nature Quest, where more than 35 groups participated in 17 countries on 5 continents. All sharing their appreciation for Nature and Spirit.

One of the most challenging changes the world needs now is a shift in consciousness and an opening of the human heart. In our modern society, we are spending less and less time in Nature. Our culture embodies a perspective of separation and an attitude of superiority. The World Nature Quest’s purpose is to foster a movement that provides opportunities to bring all people around the world into balance and harmony with them self and with nature around them.

Our invitation is to spend time alone in nature, with the awareness and intention of connecting deeper to yourself and listening to what is normally buried in the noise of everyday life. It is an invitation to connect with nature – feel that you are part of the great mystery of life that we depend so deeply upon and have so little awareness of.

We invite you to share this experience with us somewhere in the time from 1-14 June 2012 in celebration of mother earth and yourself.

See learn more about this initiative and to find people close to you click here: World Nature Quest